I'm Chilli (Chris to those who know me).  Ive been playing games for longer than I care to remember, getting my first computer games system off my parents for Christmas around 1976, and playing old games ever since.

I grew up in a time when games didn't need a plot, a story, or an instruction manual the size of a small novel, they just got harder and faster until you died!  No such thing as 'save states'.  You learnt how the game worked within your three lives (if you were lucky) or you had to stick another '10p' in the slot.

When you show the younger generation games from this era, at first they just don't 'get it' but within minutes the retro games have dragged them in and they are hooked.

When I build machines, they have to be tested (Of course!), and the current favourite 'test' games are Nemesis and Bubble Bobble

About Me.....